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William J. Chapman, Operatic Tenore

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Atlantic Coast Opera Young Artists Program

 Here are some photos taken from past productions with the UMHB Music Department 

I could have never asked for a greater talent in my life than what God has bestowed upon me through the gift of singing.   As I proceed in my musical studies it has been revealed to me that singing through a classically trained voice requires one to sing with heart, mind and soul.   This discipline closely aligns with God’s purpose in service to him and humanity.  With this concept in mind I offer my best in a form that goes beyond words because music speaks to the soul where speech alone cannot communicate.   I give my all through singing as I give to the creator my utmost of heart, mind, body, and soul. I experience a direct correlation between the call to honor God with the best I have to offer and my passion for performing and singing opera as a real calling in my life.


Pirates of Penzance

This was my first role with the UMHB opera workshop. In this production I played the role of "Samuel," the Pirate KIngs right hand man.


Die Fledermaus

This is the company bow of Die Fledermaus, I had played the role of "Alfred."


Gianni Schicci

Here I am singing the role of "Rinuccio" in Puccini's opera Gianni Schicci. I have just found the will of my rich uncle Buoso and hope to soon prophet from the testiment.


Gianni Schicci

Here I am singing the recitative before "Rinuccio's" aria.

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